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Hi, everyone. I’m Megan; design addict, DIYer, green thumb. I’m also a stay at home Mom, wife and chicken wrangler. We are currently living on 2 acres in house number 3, our biggest challenge yet (a split level ranch)! In addition to my husband and me our “farm” includes 2 girls, 9 hens, a dog.


For years we’ve been dreaming of our own little urban homestead, somewhere to feel like life is slower than it actually is. We are taking it one project at a time, hoarding our treasures like pirates, growing as much food as we can maintain and filling our pockets with fresh eggs. My life will be complete when I own a donkey. And maybe a goat.


To get a better understanding of me and my approach to design you need a glimpse into my past. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by inspiring people.

My Grandparents owned an antique store in Iowa in the 70’s and shared a small shop with my Aunt and Uncle in New York in the 90’s. My Grandfather, a retired foreman and wood carver, is responsible for the Swan on our mantle and the memories of pipe smoke and wood shavings that come with it. My Grandmother was an artist who left a trail of sketches and paintings behind her that now decorate our walls.

My Dad, a retired investment banker, is the handiest guy I know. He’s responsible for my DIY skills, my general knowledge of tools and my attitude that makes me think I can do almost anything myself.

My Mom brought color into my life with her wallpapers and splatter painted walls. She once boasted 3 different themed Christmas trees in one year. A color story themed tree, a tree decorated solely with teddy bears and a tree for all our handmade treasures. It was quite impressive at the time.


All of these people and so many more are responsible in part for my love of design. Growing up surrounded by artists and makers, small shop owners and DIYers are all apart of who I am today. In hindsight it makes sense for me to land here but it took me nearly 40 years to figure it out and a few more to feel confident enough to share it with all with you.


Most days you’ll find me with chicken poop on my shoes and dirt on my hands. I spend a good part of each day feeling like Cinderella in her Cinder years but it’s all a part of the dream. While Cinderella dreamed of a Prince my daydreams center around design, gardens, color stories and artwork, it’s all swirling around up there.


A few years ago I started the Undecorated Home Instagram account to share our current house projects with my wide spread family. To my surprise my photos started being reposted by bloggers and designers I had looked up to for years. Fast forward 3 years and here we are with an audience asking for more. This blog is for you, my friends! Thank you for being apart of my journey and thank you for including me in yours!

"Your home is not a showroom. It's you, magnified."

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