Essential Oil Health Recipes

Updated: Mar 3

All of our favorite EO recipes for Health will be found here! I'll be adding more along the way. Please know that I only suggest using doTerra for these recipes. It is also important to note that you should only ingest doTerras oils if they have a supplement label on the bottle. Check the chart below if you need help with dilution ratios by age. Start with the minimum number of drops for the correct age group and adjust as needed for effectiveness.


The minute anyone in our house shows signs of illness, FLOOM is our go-to. Personally I like to make a veggie capsule and take it internally for a mega boost. To make an internal FLOOM bomb get your Veggie Caps for $4 here, add one drop of each oil. Take immediately. Veggie Caps are designed to dissolve quickly and aren't meant to be made ahead of time. Be careful not to get oil on the outside of the capsule or it will start to dissolve. Glass droppers are always helpful.


Frankincense, Lemon, Oregano, On Guard & Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

To make a FLOOM adult roller add 10 drops of each oil to a 10 ml roller bottle and top with a carrier oil.

To make a FLOOM kids roller add 3-5 drops of each oil depending on their age to a 10 ml roller bottle and top with carrier oil.

Roll up and down the spine every hour or so until you're sure you've kicked it! Works like a dream!


For cuts, bruises, bumps, rashes... any skin irritations, this is our go to.


Lavender, Frankincense, Tea Tree. Those are enough but if you have Yarrow Pom or Helichrysum those would be great additions.

In a 2 oz spray bottle add 15 drops Lavender, Tea Tree & Frankincense. (5 drops of the other's I mentioned.) Top off with fractionated coconut oil or the carrier of your choice. Shake it up and spray it on the problem area. Repeat as necessary.