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Artist Spotlight - SHARLENE KAYNE

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Meet Sharlene Kayne, a Paper Collage Artist based in Los Angeles. Sharlene is a friend of mine through Instagram who could fit into my "Inspired By" category as well as my "Artist Spotlight". Not only is her artwork unlike any I have ever seen, (believe me, I own a Frida) she also has an incredible eye for interior design which you will see a little of below.

Sharlene's art is created using little bits of paper torn from bigger pieces of handmade paper that she has collected from around the world. The paper colors and variations, the way that she layers them, and the fact that paper never rips the same way twice, all ensure that no two pieces are ever the same.

Here's how you can grab an original for yourself! Sharlene posts a piece of her art on her Instagram stories here every Wednesday so that you can get a look at which piece will be available the next day. On Thursdays at 2:30pm PST she will post that piece for sale. The first to comment "❤️sold" is the buyer of the piece.

Additionally, Sharlene does a live sale of several pieces on her stories every month or two, always on a Thursday at 2:30pm PST. The pieces for sale will be shown in her stories the Wednesday before the live sale with a price and lot number. Once the live sale begins buyers can comment with the lot number and sold (for example "3sold") to claim a piece. You do not have to wait to see your piece during the sale, you may comment for purchase at anytime during the sale. Sharlene has a live sale tomorrow, 12/20, which means the pieces she will have available will be in her stories today!!

Now that you have all the info it's up to you to be there and make good use of your old Nintendo thumbs. Follow Sharlene on Instagram here and keep an eye on her stories. You can also sign up for her preferred email list right here for an extra notification! Her work sells FAST so you'll want all the notifications you can get!

Below are a few of my favorite past sold works and a few pictures of Sharlene's art in her own beautiful home. You'll find so much more of both on her Instagram.

*all photos courtesy of Sharlene Kayne


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