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Eclectic Chic Living Room

I can't tell you how often I get asked what my style is. I usually respond with "Collected" or "Eclectic". Both of those words encompass a style that means you like a little bit of everything. I like a home that feels like its been collected over time. People grow and their tastes and lifestyles change but there are usually pieces we love and can't let go of. Some of us have mistake pieces like that couch you had to have that doesn't match anything and now you cant afford to replace. Why not incorporate those pieces along with your new style! You don't always need a fresh start and you certainly don't need to get rid of anything you love because they don't "fit in".

Creating an eclectic room is as simple as this.... use what you love!! Mix up the styles a bit - add a piece of vintage art over a modern couch for some contrast or pair a frumpy couch with modern sconces and a mirror that's a little bit glam. Balance it out. If your space is straight up traditional with a modern couch it just doesn't work but if you throw in pieces from other design styles you're working with a cool space that shows off everything you love.

I've put together a mood board using items from to help you get that eclectic vibe down. Notice the range of styles in this mock room, there is a good mix going on but everything plays well together.

eclectic living room mood board

I shared a few of the pieces we purchased from this mood board on my Instagram stories today in case you want a closer look. I assure you the quality is legit. The photo of our living room above shows the textured pillow, tulip side table and rust velvet pillow- we love them all. Highly recommend the marble tulip table as a side table or nightstand - the quality is top notch and mixes well with any style! I wasn't kidding when I said Walmart has come a long way in their home decor department. They now offer a ton of different brands with competitive pricing, free shipping on orders of $35 or more, free returns, and you can shop online and pick up in your local store. So don't be shy about trying some of these products if you want to add a little more eclectic to your space! Feel free to hit me up with any questions you have in the comments here or DM me on Instagram.

XO, Meg

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*This post is sponsored by Walmart, all thoughts and opinions are (as always) my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Undecorated Home!


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