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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

It's high time I share some inspiration around here and boy do I have a good one for you today! Meet Mandi Johnson of @Mandimakes. Mandi is making over her house room by room in what I can only describe as modern day 70's. Like a blast from the past in the freshest way. All those great 70's tones with a little modern and a little boho mixed in. Not only does she envision and design her spaces, she tackles it all DIY style. Like that tufted wall and bench above- Mandi made it. And the shelves you see below in her kitchen- she made them. I'm telling ya, there's nothing she can't do. Mandi is currently finishing up her foyer which I am dying to see. You'll get a peek of the gorgeous tile below but I'm waiting on her kitschy animal gallery wall that will be going up soon. You know I have a soft spot for those weird little touches that make a house a home! Not only does Mandi make human size spaces incredible, now she's dipping into the miniature world, creating the coolest doll house furniture and accessories you've ever seen!

Find Mandi's Instagram here, her blog here, and her miniature account here.

*all photos courtesy of @mandimakes


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