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Quarantine Sanity Savers

We've been doing our best to stay sane and enjoy our time together over here. No rigid schedules but a vague outline of our day just to make sure we don't forget to brush our teeth and change our underwear. The first few days at home just felt like a long weekend with a side of panic. Then our weather forecast took a turn and I knew we would spiral out if we didn't have a few tricks up our sleeve. I ordered a box of crafty stuff, found a few great accounts offering free craft and art ideas, wrote down a list of movies we could enjoy as a family and decided to start a band of the day as part of our own "homeschooling". Here's what we've got so far, I'll keep adding to it over time so stop back anytime!

Crafts we bought or had-

1. Write the Story- 200 pages of assigned storylines with 10 words to use in your story. An example- Write the Story: A Family Mystery Uncovered. Use these words in your story- Sunday, secret, wallpaper, swap, sister, curiosity, island, marathon, demand, notebook.

2. Craft Sticks and glue - to build an epic city of houses and countless other things on the cheap.

3. Sun Paper- the coolest way to make art without a camera!

4. The Princess Bride- we are reading a little bit every night together and it's been a great way to take our minds off of things before bed.

5. Canvas Panels- for the little artist. Throw in some Tissue Paper and Mod Podge to make mosaic art.

6. Paint By Sticker- hand them the tweezers and settle in for some quiet time. This one keeps them busy forever!

7. Wreck This Journal- possibly the worlds coolest journal! It inspires creativity and challenges the author to have fun, embrace change, and step outside the box to truly wreck the journey with their creativity.

8. Glass Pen Markers- for windows and mirrors. Make being stuck behind glass fun.

9. Too Many Monkeys- a fun card game for the whole family.

10. A Rainbow of Masking Tape- to decorate walking sticks for all those family hikes, make the longest hopscotch board in the world, create tape art with @_artbyrex.

*Find more of our favorite games in our Amazon shop here.

Quarantine Worthy Instagram Accounts

ARTS & CRAFTS- Lunch Doodles with Moe here

@houseinhabit has some great freebie craft ideas in her highlights

@trishazemp is hosting a stop motion camp for kids

@carsonellise started a quarantine art club with an assignment a day for kids and adults

@agirlandagluegun is sharing craft ideas for littles


@groundedclassroom is sharing a virtual story reading and activity a day


@mattsurelee is sharing a funny quarantine graph everyday

@fullmhouse is always entertaining with the challenges they share

@abiayres keeping it real and keeping us laughing

@tanksgoodnews just the good news

@upworthy more good news

@goodnewsmovement because we cant have too much good news right now

List of Family Friendly Series & Movies

*These suggestions range from toddler to teen so use your discretion.

Anne with an E

What about Bob


Princess Bride

Home Alone

The Goonies


Parent Trap

Swiss Family Robinson

Harry & the Hendersons

Don't tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead

Karate Kid

Back to the Future

The Great Outdoors

Uncle Buck

Honey I Shrunk the Kids


Greatest Showman



National Lampoons movies

Finding Nemo

Mean Girls

Pretty in Pink

Harry Potter

Hunger Games

Little Women

Stand by me

Napoleon Dynamite

Cant buy me Love


Ferris Buellers Day Off


The Sandlot

Field of Dreams

Say Anything

Can't Buy Me Love

Breakfast Club

I'll keep adding to all of this over time. Hang in there friends!

XO, Meg


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