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Before & Now - OFFICE

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

This space has been through a few rounds of “what do we do with this space”. The recent changes solidified it for us; it’s the perfect office space! The room has its flaws and bonuses. It’s tucked into a tiny space under the HVAC which make the ceilings just high enough for my husband’s head to clear. There isn’t much room to do anything other than sit.

The bookshelves and window to the backyard are its crowning glories. From this window we can watch the deer steal apples from our trees and the chickens boss their way around the yard. Some of you may remember us taking on the whole lower level last Fall but that’s a post for another day. Unfortunately I only have one before picture of this room but I do have a few progress shots I took along the way. In short, we tore out the shag carpet, poured new self-leveling concrete floors, and gave everything a few coats of Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace.

My favorite feature in the room is the shelves. What was once a dark hole sucking all the light out of the room is now the perfect place to display our books and treasures. Ah the power of paint.

Here’s where we started...

Progress shots from last fall...

And here we are today…


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