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A Review with Room & Board

Well it took us 4 years but we finally have a finished master bedroom! We partnered with Room & Board to finish this space and we are thrilled with the results.

I try to share products in a variety of price ranges and I realize some of the things I share with you can be on the higher end. I'm going to keep telling you, because I wish someone had told me, saving for certain pieces that are good quality is always worth the wait! Constantly spending money on low budget furniture usually ends up being a waste of money because it has to be replaced so quickly. If you can wait it out- saving for something that will stand the test of time is always a good idea. Easy for me to say when these items have been so generously gifted to us from Room & Board in exchange for my opinion. But- had they not been gifted we would have continued saving and searching for something of this quality on our own. There are a few things in your house that I don't think you should skimp on... mattresses are at the top of that list - nothing is more important than a good night sleep.

While this is a partnership with Room & Board I have been given no instruction other than to share my thoughts with you. You probably won't be surprised to find out that I have nothing but honest glowing reviews. Let's get on with it!

Master Bedroom, Room & Board

The search for a bed that fit under our window was no easy feat. Here is the criteria a bed had to meet that kept us on the floor for almost 4 years. The headboard had to fit comfortably under the window, have clean lines and be upholstered in a neutral fabric (you all know I could change the paint color any second). We were looking for something well made that would hold up to 2 kids and a dog and be around for a long time. We ended up choosing the Wyatt Bed and we love it! The Room & Board delivery service is amazing, the delivery guys came in and set everything up for us in a heartbeat. When I walked in the room I was floored by how much bigger the room felt. Low profile is the way to go if you have a small room!

The Wyatt Bed comes in a ton of fabric and color options. We chose the Boyer fabric in the Linen color. The headboard is available in either a 36" or 48" height, we chose 36". The fabric is durable with an immaculate upholstery job.

The major bonus of this bed is the hidden storage drawer, it's massive!

Bed with storage drawer

We don't have an abundance of clothes but we do have a ton of linens. I packed one side with our extra king size linens and left the other open to store our winter clothes. It took a lot of pressure off of our tiny hall closet.

The Wyatt Bed has a steel slat support frame so the drawer makes no difference to the structural support of the mattress.

bed with storage drawer

Because this is a platform bed we needed a low profile mattress. Our old mattress was a cushy pillow top that I liked until I was in a car accident in December. Every morning since the accident my neck has been so stiff on the right side I couldn't turn my head. I had no idea until we switched to Room & Board's Natural Latex Foam Mattress that our old mattress was the source of my pain. The new mattress is made with all natural and organic materials and has a softer and firmer side.

Latex mattress

We chose the soft side which is still pretty firm in my opinion but we added a 2" foam topper to help us adjust and it's been heavenly. When I have slept on firm mattresses in the past one side of my body goes numb. That's not the case with this mattress at all, the latex is supportive in a way that other mattresses aren't. We have been sleeping on this mattress for about three weeks and I haven't had a single morning with a stiff neck! My Husband loves it too, he used to have lower back pain everyday but says this mattress cured it.

A good mattress is a big investment but Room & Board offers 120-night sleep trial and free exchange or return delivery service to help take the pressure off.

Brutalist nightstand

Last but certainly not least are these Serena Table Lamps. I always say go big with your lighting when you can and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. The lamps are 27" high so they make quite a statement! They come in this coal color, gray and ivory. They have 3 light switch settings and come with the perfect soft warm lightbulb. I think they are the perfect combo with our vintage Lane nightstands.

lane nightstand, room & board Wyatt bed

Here is a better look at how perfectly the headboard fits under the window.

master bedroom, bed under window

I have been getting the Room & Board catalog for years, dog-earing everything I love. It's not lost on me how lucky I am to be working with them on this project. I can honestly tell you that they have exceeded my expectations in every way. If you are on the fence about one of their products or saving up for something, I highly recommend them and can tell you from experience it's worth the wait!!

Thanks for reading!

XO, Meg

master bedroom, Wyatt bed


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