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Arches, Arches, Arches

arched doorways, wall vines

Right before we started the built-ins in our living room we were thinking about arching the doorway between them. Have you noticed the doorways on our main level have no headers or trim? We've gone through phases of liking and disliking them. At first they felt modern and unique especially for a split level house. The more we added to our space the more unfinished they felt. Now that the structure of the living room is complete we can see how much arches would add to the space. Everything on the main level is square, all straight lines. It might be nice to break it up. Jake found this DIY prefabricated arch kit that makes it look like a pretty easy job.

Of course after we started considering arches I noticed them popping up everywhere. Not just doorways but windows, cabinets, bookcases, mirrors... everywhere I look. Pretty sure its another "trending classic" as I like to call it, coming back for another round. I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of them and I'm all for it. They can really soften up a space and frame a view.

arched kitchen doorway

arched mudroom doorway

arches in the kitchen

arched built-in bookcase

You can add arches to your decor without making structural changes of course. Sometimes all it takes is a piece of art or a domed lamp to break up those straight lines. Here are a few good ones...

No matter how you bring them in, it seems to me an arch here and there is always a good idea.

arched bookcases

arched bathroom door

modern arch doorway

arched window with door

XO, Meg

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