Updated: Mar 13, 2019

In this series of posts I’ll be sharing who or what is currently inspiring me. I find inspiration everywhere and it usually comes from a style different than my own. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring different styles with me as there is always something to take with you when discovering your own style.

I recently ran across Blogga iBagis on Instagram and fell hard for her home. It’s the Swede in me that draws my love and attention to Scandinavian design and this one has my whole heart.

Janniche Kristoffersen’s home in Stockholm is a perfect balance of white and warmth. There is so much to love - the charming color story, gallery wall and shelving with outward facing books to name a few. After some intense stalking what really stood out to me was the intention that seems to have been put into absolutely everything. Every room seems filled and lived in yet the overall vibe feels minimal and clutter free; a hard balance to achieve.

3 snaps up for this beauty. Take a look!

*all photos by Janniche Kristoffersen