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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

The Instagram account of Jessica Reed Krause @houseinhabit is a rabbit hole I luckily fell into late one night a few months back. It only took me a few minutes to fall completely in love with their family, lifestyle and home. The Krauses’ recently bought a fixer upper in San Clemente and have been sharing the reno process with us through Jessica’s Instagram account and blog. I’m talking major construction - knocking out ceilings and walls all while living in the house with their 4 boys.

Mike is a relentless DIYer with a seemingly endless skillset and has taken on every project big and small on his own. Collectively, their style is impeccable and down to earth, just like I imagine them to be. It’s a dreamy lifestyle from my end of the phone. One filled with surf breaks, plenty of sawdust and some kind of adventure in every square. Take a look! I think you’ll be just as smitten with them as I am.

All photos courtesy of @houseinhabit


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