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One Room - Two Looks with Ruggable

We are deep in Spring cleaning mode over here. Packing up all the Winter gear to free up our baskets and hooks. Cleaning under and behind everything I possibly can. We are a shoes off family so most of the dirt stops in the foyer or the garage which means those two spots take a serious hit. You guys are constantly asking me about rugs for high traffic spaces and up until now I haven't had a great answer for you. I think you are going to LOVE the products I am sharing with you today!

Shiplap Foyer with Ruggable Rug

Meet Ruggable! A company that offers machine washable, non-toxic, stain resistant, waterproof rugs that are actually stylish! They offer everything from a runner up to an 8 x 10 (including a brand new 6 x 9 size being released on May 2nd). Perfect for your high traffic areas, kitchens, dining rooms, playrooms... anywhere you want.

Ruggable is a patented two part system. The pad is non-slip and has a velcro quality to it that holds the interchangeable, washable top part with the design in place. They are super affordable and come in a TON of styles. You buy the rug + pad system and then you can buy covers (interchangeable designs) as your heart desires or seasons change and use your rug pad with all of them.

Ruggable offered to send me two rugs and it's been awesome to have a back up rug when one is in the wash. It's also going to be fun to change up the look of this room on a whim. I ordered the Marrakesh Beige Ivory Rug for my usual neutral foyer look but I also got the Ziri Black Rug because I have always wanted to see what this space would look like with a dark rug. Turns out I like both! Here's the foyer with a quick switch to Ziri...

shiplap foyer with Ruggable rug

Pretty fun to see how much a room can change with just a quick rug switch!

Now I don't have to worry when Dorothy (the chicken) sneaks in for a treat. And guess who else likes them... yep, Kevin. Mostly because I don't wipe his paws off every time he walks in the door now.

shiplap foyer with washable rug

I've rounded up a few of my favorites below but they offer a pretty extensive collection on the Ruggable website. I also have a coupon code for you! Use “UNDECORATED15” for 15% off your order. Hope you find a good one!

Thanks for reading!

XO, Meg

*This post is sponsored by Ruggable, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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