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Small Shop Love - D + K Renewal

Today feels a bit like I've come full circle. D + K Renewal was the first shop I followed and ordered from on Instagram and here we are with a big, fat feature on them! I specifically remember my first order was a white mudcloth throw, I was so pumped to have one of their pieces. My collection has grown over the last few years but the most asked about D + K item in our house is our dog bed which is actually a double pouf. Cousins Dawnelle and Kirstin created D + K Renewal together with the hope of offering pieces in their shop that speak to you and embolden your design choices!

Kirsten has recently moved on to spend more time with her family but D + K Renewal is still growing with a bigger selection than ever! Over the past few weeks Dawnelle has added a ton of new products and there are more on the way. Her prices can't be beat and you never know what she's going to add next! I'll round up some of my favorites below but first meet my friend - the ultimate Girl Boss who usually has a trail of kids behind her- Dawnelle...

"Founded by cousins, Dawnelle and Kirsten, D+K Renewal is a curated selection of global textiles and accessories as well as a selection of handmade pieces and artwork for the modern bohemian home. Our goal with D+K has always been to bring life to pieces that would otherwise be tossed aside and to share the beautiful art of textiles from around the world. Each piece is hand selected by us and ready for a new life!
Our hope as you visit our website is that you feel inspired to be bold and brave in your own spaces. Use the pieces that speak to you because of their color, texture, patterns, history... whatever it may be... go for it!" -Dawnelle

Below you'll find just a bit of what D + K Renewal has to offer. You can find so much more on the website here. Make sure to follow along with them on Instagram @dkrenewal for all the behind the scenes of this family run business! Dawnelle's passion is unrivaled and so inspiring. They are a joy to keep up with!

Happy shopping!

XO, Meg










*All photos courtesy of D + K Renewal


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