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Small Shop Love - ODDBIRD CO

I usually give a bit more of an introduction to my small shop friends but today I'm going to let Ceren Lee of Oddbird Co do most of the talking. You'll learn so much about the wonderful person she is just by reading her words. Ceren wears many hats- a Mother of 4 (with sweet Edith James just a little over a month old), the founder of Oddbird Co and wife to Jason Lee- just to name a few. Her shop specializes in handwoven Turkish textiles and small-batch luxury loungewear that is ethically made and fairly priced.

I have quite a few towels from her shop and they are far and away the best Turkish towels we own! I also have two of the handwoven blankets. They are beautiful and so well made they are sure to become family heirlooms.

Meet Ceren and shop my round up below.

Ceren Lee - Oddbird Co
"Hi, my name is Ceren Alkac-Lee and I am a mother of 4 and the owner of Oddbird Co.
Oddbird was established in late 2015 from my deep desire to showcase the traditional handcrafted textiles of my homeland, Turkey, while creating sustainable alternatives to the most used and loved items for home and body.
I wanted to design textiles that would serve our customer in a multitude of ways and become a fixture in their home or on their bodies.
As a mother, the items that I value most are the ones that continue to serve me every day. The shapeshifting ‘thneeds’ of life. 
The pieces you buy and realize a decade later are still in rotation or now serve a completely different purpose.
Like one of our carefully designed towels that now double as a blanket for my youngest in her crib or are being thrown over my shoulders as a shawl when I’m running out of the house.
The robe that has now transitioned into a linen duster over my favorite dress, or even the blanket that is durable enough to take camping and machine wash without worry of it being ruined.
Everything we make is designed to keep on giving. Kind of like a mother. A quiet achiever. The pieces that keep taking care of you.
That’s what we strive for every day.
Not only that but we are incredibly proud to be an ethically-made brand with a major focus on creating a product that is made and sold at a fair price.
We aim to offer the highest quality textiles at fair prices so we can support our talented artisans and our customers alike while having the opportunity to continue the conversation of sustainable fashion."
Warmly -Ceren

Below you will find some of my favorite items in the shop. (Click the photos for direct links.) Truth be told I love every single thing in Odd Bird Co's shop so make sure you check it out for yourself. You can also follow along on Instagram @oddbirdcompany. Ceren is offering you all a 15% storewide discount which is valid through 5/24/19. Use code "UndecoratedHome" at checkout.

Happy shopping!

XO, Meg

*all photos courtesy of Oddbird Co


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