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Weekly Wrap Up

shiplap foyer with lime washed brick herringbone floor

This entryway by Penny Shields caught my attention this week. The palette and mix of styles is striking and those floors!!

I've been living in these "linen" overalls I ordered a few weeks ago! They claim to be linen but they're a linen blend at best. For $19.99 I could care less, they are super comfy! I suggest you DO NOT order up a size like some of the reviews suggest, they have a pretty relaxed fit. I got them in black but I want them in all the colors.

Got a little time for Queen? Check out this side by side of Freddie and Rami Malek if you haven't seen it. Then try to tell me Rami wasn't the best choice to portray Freddie.

We are hoping to make the rest of our raised beds for the garden this weekend!! I'll keep you updated and put together a tutorial for the blog. It was supposed to be in the mid-sixties and gorgeous but now they are calling for rain. Cross your fingers for me please.

For those of you interested in my upcoming garden planting posts or are just getting into gardening, I have a few book suggestions for you. This book is key for learning about companion planting which I have had great success with. Check it out so we can be on the same page. And this book by Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorites! I read it every Spring. If you have any inclination towards homesteading you'll find it fascinating.

Also on the list for the weekend- birthday shopping with Hazel (11!!) and we are going to start working on her bedroom. Her room is so cute but is not functioning well for her. We'll share the problems on my Instagram stories.

Have a great weekend!

XO, Meg


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