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How To Style A Daybed

Welcome to Hazel's new room! I'm giving you a little peek around and I wanted to talk quickly about Hazel's daybed before we get too far into the reveal. There are a few changes coming to this space that I will be sharing soon but the bedding from The Company Store will stay the same. Today we are going to touch on some daybed basics because a few of you were confused by this new bed layout. I'm also going to break down the products we chose because I am hosting a giveaway with The Company Store on Instagram! More details on that at the end of this post.

Hazel has wanted a daybed for a few years but to be honest I loved her old headboard so much I put off the change as long as could. Turns out daybeds are trending, at least around here. All of Hazel's friends are turning their beds into daybeds lately! Hazel wasn't too jazzed that she had the idea years before them and it still hadn't come to fruition. She doesn't actually care about trends she just wanted the extra space for stretching and conditioning for gymnastics. So we finally made it happen and its been a huge space saver and a pretty cool spot for her friends to lounge. Hazel has a full size bed but you could totally pull this look off with a twin as well. We just turned the mattress sideways, bought a low profile bed frame, and used a wall mounted headboard.

I knew this situation was going to be all about the textiles so Hazel and I teamed up with one of our faves, The Company Store. Hazel wanted "a ton of pillows" and I wanted linen because I like the relaxed vibe and it's the perfect fabric for summer. I knew The Company Store would have a great selection because we have their textiles all over our house. You can find more of their products in our Master Bedroom, Cabin Bathroom and even a few Pet Products for good ol' Kev.

Here's the scoop- for the daytime look we throw a blanket across the bed to break it up a little and protect her duvet, then we pile on the pillows couch style.

Teen Bedroom, Daybed

Having a few throw blankets around makes it extra cozy. These alpaca blankets are incredibly light and soft, I'm hoping to steal this light gray blanket from Hazel as soon as possible. (A great choice if you win the giveaway!)

wall mounted headboard

Here is a closer look at those pillow details. The colors are gorgeous in person and that tiny fringe is perfection. The prices can't be beat and you'll find the inserts on the same page as the covers.

teen bedroom, daybed,

I tried to make everything in her space multi-purpose. By day the stools act as seating at her desk or extra seating for friends - by night they are a makeshift nightstand.

how to style a daybed

The view from this side of the room might be my favorite! The cork wall was the inspiration for this space. It's the big impact in the room that we worked our textiles around. (More coming on the cork wall soon.) Keeping the color palette on the bed pretty subtle lets your eye move around and keeps the space from feeling cluttered.

teen room, cork wall

Minor tweaks turn this room into a cozy sleeping space. The extra pillows get stashed away and the big pillows move to the head of the bed. Hazel can't part with the bolster pillow so that stays too. Then we slide the stools over for a nightstand and that's it! The alpaca throw is perfect for cool nights and pairs well with the medium warmth duvet insert. I ordered the duvet cover and insert in a queen size for her full size bed because I like the option of tucking in the sides for a different look. She also desperately needed new pillows.

daybed, teen room

The sheets have little charcoal triangles on them which adds a little whimsy to the room. They were the first thing that caught Hazel's eye at The Company Store. A fun surprise when you pull back the comforter at night and they also add a little pattern to the daytime look.

teen room, how to style a daybed

We are really happy with how this space is coming together! I'll be sharing more of the room and all of the sources in the space soon. Just waiting on a few more pieces so hang in there! In the meantime, head to my Instagram profile and check out the $300 gift card giveaway I'm hosting with The Company Store! Entering is simple if you are in the US- just follow The Company Store on Instagram and tag as many friends as you want in separate comments on my giveaway post. The giveaway ends Tuesday, 5/21/19 at midnight CST so get in while you can!

I'll be back soon with more room progress, pics and sources.

Thanks for reading!

XO, Meg

teen room, daybed

*This post is sponsored by The Company Store. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!


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