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One Room Challenge Week 1

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

First of all- if you're new here, welcome! I'm Megan, your average design addict turning our boring tri-level house into a home that reflects our family.

About the Challenge~

This is Week 1 of a 6-week series called the One Room Challenge. Hosted by Linda at Calling It Home, the One Room Challenge or "the ORC" is currently in its sixteenth season. This is a biannual event- every April and October twenty designers and bloggers are selected as Featured Designers to transform a space. Every Wednesday the designers share their process and progress with you through our respective platforms. (Everyone is linked below) In addition to those 20 designers are a slew of guest participants who join in to transform and share their own spaces. The next 6 weeks will be packed with inspiration, sources, DIY projects and the very best before and afters! Many thanks to our host Linda and our media partner Better Homes and Gardens!

About Our Space~

We will be making over our main bathroom. We are in a tri-level home with no bathroom on the main floor. The nearest bathroom to the main level is off of the foyer just 6 steps up. This is the bathroom guests use most often, our Girls main bathroom and the bathroom I use to shower so it has to be accommodating for everyone. It's not a big space and we don't have a big budget so we are going to be making the most of the space by keeping the footprint the same and using the space more efficiently. With the exception of a plumber we will be doing all of the work ourselves with my Dad's help to keep costs down.

Here is the space on the day we looked at the house...

I made some small changes to make it tolerable shortly after we moved in. Here is what it looked like up until demo two weeks ago...

Pretty basic. It was tolerable but still embarrassing. We never put trim or baseboards up because the stick on vinyl tiles didn't stick anymore and we knew they had to be replaced soon. The vanity was rotten inside the cabinet doors. The tub faucet handle constantly fell off. There was a bead of mold around the shower insert that made me worried that the wall would be filled with mold. (Thankfully it wasn't.) And most importantly there is doorway into our master en suite that is unnecessary and taking up valuable real estate.

We have never fully remodeled a bathroom so there is going to be a HUGE learning curve for us. I have a few inspiration images to share with you but I have to say bathrooms just aren't my favorite. I usually find them to be cold and boring and I feel like there is almost always a lack of flow with the rest of the spaces in our homes. Bathrooms are an important room- whether you are family or guest you are most likely going to spend a few minutes in the bathroom so I'm determined to make ours a space that feels like the rest of our home. My hope is that the end result will feel warm, layered, and textural. Cross your fingers with me.


Via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I am hoping if we bring in natural elements such as wood, concrete, mixed metals and maybe a little lime wash on the walls we can achieve a mix of what you see in our inspiration images.

Mood Board~

This is our initial mood board for the side of the room that we will be starting with. Some of it is subject to change. I will share sources next week when everything is finalized. As of right now the space is gutted and ready for the week ahead. I'll be sharing the time-lapse video of the demo on my Instagram stories if you want to see that fun go down.

We have some major projects that need to get done this week to stay on schedule. We will be starting with closing up the doorway into our master en suite to allow room for a double vanity. This will give each of our Girls their own sink and storage. The down side is that it also takes away all of the natural light in the space. We were hoping to build a transom window along the entire top of the wall to allow as much natural light into the space as possible. Some structural issues have come up so in an effort to save time and money we will be building a transom window that will span length of the vanity instead. (see the mood board) We still need our plumber to reroute a pipe but it will be less costly than moving the whole stack.

We are hoping to pour concrete floors in here shortly after the list below is completed. We have loved the maintenance of our lower level concrete floors and have decided its the best choice for our budget and my aversion to tile underfoot. If we have time we will be laying another layer of subfloor in preparation for that.


•finalize details

•pick up valves for plumber

•order shower trim & faucets

•plumber reroute sink vent to allow space for transom window

-install new valves

-add second sink plumbing

-raise shower head

•demo top of wall between bathrooms for transom window

•close up doorway between bathrooms

•reroute electrical from ceiling to wall to prep for new sconces

•build and install window

So there you have it. Maybe a little ambitious for a week especially considering how busy this week is with real life going on as well. I guess we'll see where we are at next Wednesday.

Make sure to check out all of the other designers and the spaces they are planning to transform through the links below!

See you next week-until then tune in to our Instagram stories to keep up to date with day to day progress.

XO, Meg



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