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One Room Challenge - Week 2

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

One week into the challenge and we are trying not to feel the pressure! Yeah, it's a 6 week challenge but really it has to be done in 5 so we can style, photograph, edit and build an epic reveal post for the blog.

Over the past week we accomplished most of our to do list from Week 1 which included studding in the door between the bathrooms, framing out the transom window, adding a second layer of subfloor to prepare for our concrete, moving all of the electrical and we even got most of the sheetrock up. (We meaning my Dad and Jake.) Our plumber also got our new double sinks plumbed and pipes rerouted around our transom window.

This is where we were last week at this time...

and here is where we are this morning...

It feels so much bigger with the door closed off and the transom window really adds the light we were hoping for! I was seriously nervous about getting the plumbing, electrical and window in the right places before the drywall went up but so far it looks like we did everything right. Keep those fingers crossed!

We had a bunch of deliveries this week so I'm sharing our mood boards and some of the sources we have picked out. Hopefully next week we will have some DIY projects to share.


01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11


01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | still looking for 15

For the main wall we picked out a 72" Unfinished Mission Hardwood Vanity with a Carrara Marble top and oval undermount sinks from Signature Hardware. We went as big as we could with the vanity because we removed the only closet in the room. It has a ton of space and we are really happy with the quality. I chose unfinished because I STILL haven't decided if I want to paint or stain it. Signature Hardware has been an absolute dream to work with. We actually ordered the wrong tub the first time around. Our shower trim is champagne gold and the tub arrived with a chrome drain that couldn't be removed. Signature was so kind to help me pick out the right tub and exchange it. Wonderful people, fast shipping and top notch products!

Our tile is from Riad Tile and I could seriously cry it is so gorgeous!!! It's the Zellige tile, 2 X 6 in Snow. Each tile is made by hand, hand glazed and olive fired. The handmade nature of them leaves slight imperfections in the size, color and glaze so that when they are grouted closely together there is a very natural texture to them. I was kind of bummed to have to keep our alcove tub but an alcove is just so much easier with two kids and a dog. The new tile is going to take that tub to the next level!!!!

The drawer pulls and knobs for the vanity, toilet paper holder, door knob, towel hooks and bar are from Emtek and again the quality is outstanding. Everything is really heavy duty and the matte black finish is exactly what I was hoping for.

Our sink faucets, shower trim, valves and toilet all came from our local Fergusons. Let me tell you I would have been LOST without the help they provided! (If you are local ask for Dana.) I had no idea that all shower trim kits come with different valves. No idea that what you buy online versus what you see in person can be a totally different item under the same name. You could be paying for a name and getting half the quality you would get in store. I highly suggest at least talking to someone who knows what they are doing when you pick out these pieces for your bathroom. They ate up a lot of our budget and we would have been extremely disappointed if the quality wasn't what we were paying for.

All of our electrical is from Legrand. The adorne collection has super sleek options that take the design of your space up a notch. We chose a powder white 2 gang wall plate with 2 pop out outlets that have 3 plugs a piece. When they aren't in use they pop back into the wall and basically disappear. We also chose a 2 gang wall plate with a tap switch for the fan and a tap switch with a dimmer for the sconces. Genius design!

The sconces are being made by our friends at Lucent Lightshop. They are the Satellite Scones in modern brass. We have a few other fixtures from them in our home and love how much fun they add to a space. Remember this is our Girl's bathroom and our guests also use it so I'm trying to represent the kids and keep it comfortable for adults. I think these sconces add just the spunk this room needs.

I am going to be choosing artwork from Minted because I love their selection and they frame and ship pretty quickly. I actually haven't ordered anything yet but I'm leaning towards the pieces I have in these mood boards. (Linked above)

The mirrors are from Winnoby. They are brand new to the shop and just the size I was looking for. I'm a little nervous because its going to be a tight fit between the vanity and transom window but I wanted them to feel like a custom fit and reflect as much light as possible.

My friend Becca at Jean Palmer Home is on a mad hunt to find us the perfect vintage rug. I really want something old to add to this brand new space. I will of course share it as soon as it's found. I have no doubt she'll find it because she's found us 4 other rugs and they are all perfectly imperfect.

Towels, hand towels and bathmat are from Garnet Hill. We've pretty much ruined every towel in the house during this room reno so I'm dreaming of the day we have a soft, clean towel to use!

I'm still trying to figure out the lime wash for the walls. The lighter you go the less visible the texture is so I'm trying to decide if it will be worth the work.

Floors will be self-leveling concrete. We are going to pour and seal them over the weekend.

Any other accessories we need are linked and/or still need to be ordered. I'm hoping that once we get the walls and floors up I can start making some more of the detailed little design choices. If anyone know where to find an extra long shower curtain please let me know. I've been looking everywhere!


•finish sheet rock, tape, mud 3 coats and sand

•pour self-leveling concrete floors

•seal floors- 2 coats

•build and set transom window

•plumber back to set the tub, put in shower and diverter valves on Tuesday

That sounds like enough right?! See you next week-until then tune in to our Instagram stories to keep up to date with day to day progress.

Check out what the other 19 designers have been up to this week...

XO, Meg


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