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Pet Products That Fit Your Decor

We are happy to be working with The Company Store again! Last month we worked with them on our master bedroom and loved everything we chose so it was a no brainer to try out their pet products too. Sam of course is thrilled as this is his first official gig. As you may know from my Instagram account he has been working on his creeper/poser skills since day 1 so this is kind of a big deal for him.

If you don't know Sam, (aka Kevin to our Instagram friends) he's a one year old Irish Cream Goldendoodle and the sweetest dog I've ever known. We haven't had a dog since Hazel was born almost 11 years ago. It's so nice to have found some quality pet products that blend in with our style!

We have a few different pet beds but Sam has strictly been using this one from The Company Store since it arrived. I left his other beds around the house but he always ends up here. The bed cover is blue denim with quilted nylon sides. It's removable and washable and the sturdiest material we've found in a dog bed so far. We chose the Primaloft pet bed insert. They also carry a memory foam insert but Sam tends to get hot when he sleeps so I thought this might be a better option for him. You can find both options under either of the links above. We chose the large size in both and they are a perfect fit for him. (He weighs about 50 lbs.)

We also picked out these raised wood bowls and they are the prettiest dog bowls I've ever seen! Not too heavy but just enough weight to keep them from sliding around. The jute mat in large is the perfect size to go with them.

My personal favorite item we chose is this sherpa lined plaid coat. If you've been following along with me on Instagram you know we have about 4 feet of snow and the cold has been unbearable. I feel better when Sam is going to be outside for a while if he has this coat on. It also protects his neck from our neighbors dog who is a neck biter.

That cute little bandana collar is going to be his Summer collar for sure!

Seriously though, who could resist this coat! It doesn't seem to bother him a bit. In fact I think he likes it!

The smartest pick we made are these quick dry towels and mitts. They are super absorbent after a bath! I keep the mitts by the back door to wipe his feet off when necessary. Pretty sure I'll be using these a lot come Spring and we'll definitely be using them when we travel because they are such a handy size.

This sleeping bag cracks me up! This was the one thing my girls insisted on when we were picking products out for Sam. They can't wait to take him camping this Summer. Now that we have it I realize it will be super handy for trips and can fill in as a traveling bed that can easily be thrown in the wash. It's quilted nylon on the outside with a faux sherpa lining and would be great for pets who like to burrow or get cold at night. We chose the large again and it's a great fit on top of his dog bed.

The other thing that is nice about the bed is that it has a handle on one side to move it around. Sammy usually likes his bed over here but when we have the fireplace on I move it to the built-in side of the room. Nice for traveling too!

And finally we get to Sam's favorites... the toys of course. The Girls picked out three... a beaver, a hedgehog and an octopus and they seem to be really well made. The ball shaped toys have a bumpy rubber texture under the fur that makes them super durable.

Once again we are happy with everything The Company Store sent! If you have any questions or just want to give Sam some kudos, drop them down below in the comments.

Sam says thanks for reading!

*This post is sponsored by The Company Store. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this website!


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