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Small Shop Love - RUG & WEAVE

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

I am so excited to share todays post with you all! Sarah and Svein, co-founders of Rug & Weave, have been favorites of mine since I have been on Instagram. So many of my textiles come from their shop!

Rug & Weave is a small shop based in Guelph, ON that was born out of a love of traveling. The shop is filled with treasures from all over the globe meant to make it to your home and become a part of your collection. You can shop locally if you are in the area or online here. You can also follow them on Instagram here to keep up with their newest collections and sales. Today they are offering a special discount for my readers! Use code "UNDECORATED20" for 20% off all non-sale items now through February 13th.

Below you can read a bit about how Rug & Weave came to be and shop my favorites but you should definitely check out the shop to see everything they have to offer!

From Sarah and Svein...

"Rug & Weave was born out of a passion project between a husband and wife team, with a thirst for travel and exploration, and a drive to discover unique one-of-a-kind items. We were always after something different:  from teaching English in Korea, to experiencing the great Buddhist temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  Naturally, this led to stuffing our backpacks with items that uniquely represented the culture we were immersed in. Rug & Weave is a reflection of those early experiences. It is a carefully chosen assortment of handmade and vintage textiles from around the world including rugs from Turkey and Morocco, Mudcloth throws from Ghana, and pillows made of vintage indigo fabric from the villages of the Ivory Coast.  A growing selection of local, handmade goods is also making its way to the shop and our goal is to continue to grow this important segment. "

Especially love this sentiment...

"What we hope to share with you is a sense of connection, to your surroundings, to the people whom you surround yourself with, and to the treasures that weave themselves into your lives and intertwine with the very place, wherever that may be, that you call home."

Shop my favorites by clicking the images below and don't forget to use code "UNDECORATED20" at checkout for 20% off any non-sale items in the shop.

Hope you find something you love!

XO, Meg

* all photos courtesy of Rug & Weave


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