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Small Shop Love- TERRITORY

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

This week's small shop love goes out to Territory. A shop I am particularly IN LOVE with. Recently rebranded, Rebecca and Summer's shop is more irresistible than ever. Below you'll find the back story to Territory in Rebecca's own words which I encourage you to read. These friends aren't just selling beautiful products, they are doing it with class and pure intentions.

"Summer and I met WAY back in 2006 during graduate school. We both studied international development, peace building and social justice at a small school in Southern Vermont. We worked extensively overseas before returning to the US (me to Chicago and Summer to Asheville, NC).
I founded Territory in 2014 as I partnered with weaving and craft families who I met through my peacebuilding work. Summer joined in late 2017 as the company started to grow.
At the core of our business is good design. That is coupled with the deep understanding that the choices we make impact the world; so we need to chose well. One of our main focuses for 2019 is making our whole supply chain environmentally sustainable. That is a huge (!) challenge for a small business but the time is now to start making these important changes. Maybe some of the big businesses can take a cue from us!
Summer and I are both mothers, wives, and business-owners, so we have to balance the same lifestyle challenges as so many people do today.  Even so, we work hard to find time to design, source, and meet the amazing people across the globe who produce our designs. This allows us to ensure our products meet a higher standard of equitability.
Our hope is that the work and care put into every aspect of our products is felt when people have them in their homes."

Summer and Rebecca have curated a beautiful collection of high quality, artisan made products. Their prices range from high to low but their quality is always top notch. Shop my gift list, I mean gift guide below by clicking the photo and find so much more in their shop here. You can also follow along with their Instagram account here.

Hope you find something you love!

XO, Meg

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