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Small Shop Love - The Garage Collective

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Todays small shop love is dedicated to my friend Kristin of The Garage Collective. Kristin is the kind of Woman you can count on to lift you up, the first to reach out and send a kind message your way. She is a Mama of two littles, with two jobs and a super cool house that you can sometimes spy on her Instagram account. Her brick and mortar shop is based in Laguna Beach, CA. If you're local you can stop in for all kinds of pop ups and social events to support local makers of all kinds, get dibs on vintage goods and shop her amazing furniture pieces. You can also find most of her goodies online.

Below you'll find a bit of Kristin's story and a whole lot of last minute gift ideas!

Kristin on what sparked her desire to open a small shop...

"I graduated from ASU with a marketing degree and worked for CBRE in Real Estate. I sat in a cubicle and wore a suit. When I relocated back to California I knew I wanted to do something more creative and I landed a job at Quiksilver. That opened my eyes to the design world, I was merchandising and assisting with designers, picking patterns for swimwear and surrounded by a creative industry. I wasn’t making enough money so I went back to real estate but I knew there was something more out there. I went to Pepperdine to get my masters, but wasn’t quite sure what I should do. I ended up mastering in Entrepreneurship with zero idea of where that would lead me.  And then one day I picked up a copy of ”Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert - that book was written for me, it changed my life and opened me up to this world of ideas. The one thing I truly loved was design and home interiors. With that, I knew I could curate something that would inspire me creatively. It led me to start a pop-up in my garage of all of my favorite textiles and I began selling vintage rugs and designing handmade pillows using one-of-a-kind fabrics. I had the idea to share the pop up with other people, so I connected with other makers, and we became “The Garage Collective." When something is your passion and it brings you so much joy it truly does not feel like work. When someone buys something here at TGC, nothing makes me happier because they are all pieces and items with a story that spark joy in me. We should all be surrounded by things that we love."

Kristin on the meaning behind the shop's name...

"It started out in my garage! I had a collective of people join me and some are still here. A big part of what The Garage Collective is, is a support network for other female-owned businesses to grow their community and lifetime clients. I believe in empowering other women."

Kristin's shop is filled with treasures, ALL of which I could bring home and find the perfect spot for. Her Instagram account is filled with said treasures and the beautiful homes that find places for them. Find her Instagram here and the shop website here. Be sure to keep an eye on her Instagram stories as she often runs flash sales and sells vintage finds! Locals- check the social calendar on her website for the next event!

Shop some of my faves below by clicking the photo. Happy shopping!

XO, Meg


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