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The Cabin Loft Reveal

The day has finally come for me to share our cabin bunk room! Every room at "The Lake" has a name, this one is called The Loft. This is where the youngest generations sleep. You'll find kids ages 4-18 in this room depending on who shows up for our annual Family reunion.

The cabin, aka "The Lake", was my Grandparent's home. They had 6 kids and bought this property with the house and a few outbuildings in 1964. Their hope was that their family would always have a place to come home and spend time together no matter how far apart or how many we became. (56 in Sept!) Our Family and the buildings have grown over the years and the project list grows right along with us.

The Loft has always been a favorite spot of mine. I grew up with my cousins here, back in the day when the walls were covered in Jaws and Blazing Saddles posters. It's seen a few renos over the years but the furniture and decor have usually been leftovers from everyone's houses.

When I offered my family an opportunity to make this space over they gave me full trust and let me roll with it. We came down to the wire, finishing up the makeover just a few days before the family started rolling in.

Let's take a look at where we started...

The room was cozy but dark, the furniture took up too much room, the views were being blocked and there was no room for nightstands.

We painted the walls and floors Benjamin Moore White Dove and the chimney and existing pendant lights black. I asked my Dad to build picture ledges above the hook racks for family photos.

Here is the new view when you walk up the stairs...

We partnered with Overstock for this project so all of the furniture, window coverings and lamps (with the exception of anything vintage) will be linked under these photos. These windowpane chairs are comfortable and fairly inexpensive. I was surprised by the linen like slub fabric, very pretty in person!

Here's the view of the wood wall with both chairs (the dresser and lamp are vintage). The snow shoes came from a wall downstairs and the hats are one of the personal touches we added to this space. A collection of some of our family favorites including the hat my Grandpa always wore and a family fishing team hat.

We kept the layout the same. The chimney makes the arrangement tough but the platform beds are a major space saver. They are low profile and sturdy with charcoal gray upholstery. Choosing something low profile allowed us to fit in side tables and keep the sightline through the windows to the lake.

The bedding is from The Company Store, more on that in a blog post coming soon!

Panning around...

The rug was the inspiration for this space. I pulled all of the colors I used in the room out of this beauty. The base is charcoal with so many colors mixed in. It also has some faux wear to it that gives the idea that its vintage and been here for a long time. It's soft even though it has no pile. Perfect for vacuuming all the sand that is sure to collect here.

We found the turtle shell in the bay of the lake one Spring.

I love all of the poufs and stools. Choosing an assortment helps the room feel like it's been collected over time. They add character to the room and function as seating and a spot for a kid's suitcase.

The picture ledges turned out to be my favorite thing in the room. My Mom found a bunch of great family photos including some of the younger generation that currently use this room. Photos always make a room feel like home.

The lamps came at the last minute so I don't have many photos of them. They're touch lamps which make it easy for kids to turn on at night and they added a little bit of whimsy to the room.

The shades were a game changer! I have them closed here so you can see how they let in filtered light, add texture and just enough privacy. They are not fully lined so they aren't 100% private but they are perfect for keeping the heat out and the light in. They are also cordless which is always a bonus around kids. They don't come in a wide enough length for the 2 double windows so I used two and butted them right together.

The model airplane was made by my cousin Jeff and his son years ago. We lost Jeff to Pancreatic Cancer a few years back so this is another personal touch that I am so happy to see displayed.

I'm so proud of this project. It turned out bright, warm and cozy while maximizing the space. I think it will see our family through a few more generations.

Thanks to Overstock for partnering with me, my Fam for trusting me with this space, my parents for doing 99% of the grunt work and thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and support!

I hope to share more of The Lake with you soon!

XO, Meg


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