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Shared Bedroom Design Tips

If you read my Cabin Loft Reveal post you know this space is shared by the younger generation of our Family. Both Boys and Girls, any age from toddler to teen, share this space so it had to be a room everyone is comfortable in.

I know it can be tough to design a room for multiple kids who have different styles or interests so I thought it might be helpful to give you some general guidelines while I fill you in on our bedding choices.

We've worked on projects with The Company Store at the cabin and at home because they are a family favorite. We are thrilled to be working with them again on this space. You'll find the links to all of our bedding choices below the photos. Any other information is posted in my Loft Reveal.

When designing any space I always pick a jumping off point. It could be a favorite piece of art, a family quilt, anything that has a few good colors in it. In this case it was the rug. The rug has a ton of color in it but is muted overall and could work in any gender room. I pulled out the grays, blues and a rusty clay color because they are all gender friendly and then used a white base and subtle pattern for our layers.

We didn't have the budget for all new mattresses. Some are newer and some aren't so great so we started with really good basics to make sure they were all equally comfortable.

These memory foam mattress pads are basically magic. I didn't even know there was such a thing! They have an unbelievably deep pocket to keep them in place.

We also ordered new pillows because who knows how long the old ones were up here. These come in a two pack so they are great if you have two beds in a space or use two pillows per bed.

After the basics I considered what would be easiest to care for when it came to washing 7 sets of bedding. I chose white sheets because they go with everything and can be bleached. These Classic Solid Cotton Sheets are so silky soft and wonderful.

We also chose duvets covers because we already had the inserts and it's easier to wash 7 duvet covers than 7 comforters. You might recognize the duvet pattern from Hazel's room; she has the sheet set and loves it! I wanted something neutral but fun. When you are have multiple beds in a room subtle is the way to go. The pattern is spunky in person but subtle enough in a group as you can see below.

Tip for shared spaces- choose neutrals when it comes to the big things like sheets and duvets so that you can easily and inexpensively change out the accessories when you need to.

Of course I wanted to throw a little color in there so we topped the beds off with our favorite linen throw pillows in different colors using these inserts. These are the medium size in Clay, Denim and Gray.

An easy way to make a shared room work is by adding a variety of muted colors that work well together. If you started with a "jumping off point" that included the colors you want in your space it should be easy to incorporate them now through pillows, throws, art... etc. This room only gets use in the summer so adding more bedding wouldn't have made sense for us. If I were designing a room that is used year long I would have added a throw in an opposite or coordinating color at the end of the beds for more color and comfort options. These pillows also come in coordinating throw blankets if you are looking for another layer.

Here is the finished space. It's bright and fresh and it doesn't seem to lean masculine or feminine. The kids just spent their first weekend in the loft and we heard nothing but rave reviews! In fact, the adults are petitioning to take this space over.

Thanks to The Company Store for partnering up with me again! If you want to see more of our work together check out these posts.... Our Master Bedroom, The Cabin Bathroom, Hazel's room and Pet Products... told you they're a family favorite.

XO, Meg


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